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Improved longevity

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The SpiraDoor doesn’t do anything by halves. From up to 120km/ph wind loading, to photoelectric sensors, variable speed control and thermal insulation, its purposeful features and technology, ensure safety, precision and durability for the long haul.

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AlumaView 175/200/300

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Tech Specs

Application Internal / External
Slats Material: Polyurethene Slat
Size* Maximum Width: 6500’
Motorisation Motor: Single Phase / 3 Phase Motor Drive
Speed Maximum Opening Speed: 2.5m/sec
Standard Operational Included Safety: Multiple Horizontal Infrared Photoeyes
Colour Standard: Silver (RAL 9006) or White (RAL 9010)
Counter Weight Systems: Spring and Chain Balancing
Wind Loading Up to: Class 12 (120 kmph)
Extra Add Ons (Optional) Safety: Widescan LZR Radar with Warning Lights
Thermal Insulation K≤l 5W/(m²·K)
* For larger size doors please inquire


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Panel it out

SpiraDoor utilises a split assembly structure, composed of broken aluminium alloy door panels. Panelling incorporates multi-layer sealing strips, nylon guide wheels and hinges to aid load bearing. An extended flexible seal closes the gap between door and ground. The 43mm
aluminium alloy thermal insulation door panel features an anodised and coloured surface. Wind load resistance can reach Force 12, Class 3 (120kmph). Slats available in White (RAL 9010) or Silver (RAL9006), with a three-vision panel option.

Stay on track

SpiraDoor tracks are crafted from 2.5mm bent galvanised steel, and equipped with tension spring balancing and a chain transmission system for smooth operation. High-quality aluminium allows guide wheel tracks to keep noise to a minimum and enhance durability. The side features include sealing strips for effective dust screening, cold air isolation and pest control. Doors include a brake release handle for emergency opening.

All systems go

The SpiraDoor’s standard electronic control system encompasses a servo motor and control box, with right or left side door location. An optional upgrade to SEW Eurodrive (German) heavy duty motor is ideal for large, heavy doors and higher use applications. The control box features an easy-operate display screen, providing current status information and ll-important technical parameters. It’s also compatible with any external electric device – radars, loops, remotes, sensors, and safety systems – light curtain, flashing lights and traffic lights, and in-keeping with other door control systems – airlock/ interlock. Additionally, the system stores all operational and maintenance data.

Safety does it

Infrared safety protection sensors – multiple horizontal infrared photoeyes within the door frame. A wireless safety edge system affords safer operations..

  • The door remains open when an obstacle is underneath.
  • When an object passes a clear opening, the door moves to open position and closes when obstacle free.
  • If the door closes on an object, it immediately stops and reverts back to opening position, protecting the object beneath it.

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