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Trying to obtain exterior grade doors to fit standard openings, accommodating even the simplest of hardware and getting the doors painted before they start swelling can mean long supply times, additional onsite costs and all sorts of unwanted hassles.

AceDoors Service doors have been developed as a top quality metal door to avoid these problems and eliminate all onsite painting, fitting hardware, swelling and sticking problems associated with timber doors. The finish result is a permanent and attractive door, which is competitively priced against timber doors.

Standard features of the AceDoors Service doors include a unique door chamber that locks the core of the door into the outside channel. Resulting in a strong, yet lightweight door, with a high impact resistant surface.

A coded labelling system ensures instant recognition of performance specifications to aid inspection and maintenance throughout the working life of the door

Product Features

Technical Data:

  • Designed to be installed into pre-cast concrete, timber, block work, insulated panel or long run roofing walls
  • Eliminates all swelling, sticking and painting problems associated with timber doors
  • Attractive appearance
  • Maintenance free powder coated aluminium finish, no site painting needed
  • Pre-hung in one piece frame with your hardware choice fitted
  • Energy saving polyurethane foam core is used to deliver exceptional insulation values
  • Full perimeter gasket seals to decrease energy and reduce air infiltration
  • Lightweight, high performance construction
  • Can be colour coded to match building appearance
  • Can be supplied as single or double leaf doors
  • Very hygienic and able to be used in high wash down areas, totally warp and rot free
  • Competitively priced against timber doors


  • Fire escapes
  • Storage rooms
  • Plant rooms
  • Egress doors
  • Communications rooms
  • Sprinkler valve rooms
  • Record rooms
  • High security areas
  • Thermal environments
  • High wash down areas/corrosive environments
  • Public swimming pools (see Case Study at bottom of page)
  • Commercial/multi-tenant buildings
  • Service stations

Case Studies

The Northern Arena in Silverdale is designed to be a state of the art fitness complex. The architecturally designed complex is attractive, modern and comfortable.

When it came to select the doors around the swimming pool area, the Duradoor™ was the chosen door over standard timber doors and other metal doors. The reason is that the Duradoor™ core is injected polyurethane, which is strong, dense and impervious to moisture.
The Duradoor™ is installed internally for the changing room and toilet doors as well as being used for the exterior fire egress doors.

duradoor_northern_arena_a duradoor_northern_arena_b duradoor_northern_arena_c