Kelley Rigid Frame Dock Shelters

Helping keep your docks sealed securely.

Unload greater efficiency with every trailer by enabling full vehicle access while protecting your people and products from the elements.

Kelley Rigid Dock Shelters


Uninterrupted productivity is possible with a rigid frame dock shelter, offering site access to a wide variety of door and trailer sizes and full-width access to the back of the trailer for continuous workflow.

Key Features


Loss of environmental conditions or unwanted entry from dust and debris adds up an unnecessary increase in expenditure. Ensure your spaces are productive and secure with the TS Series Rigid Frame Dock Shelter.


  • Efficiency
    Maximise loading and unloading productivity with a catch-all shelter catering to a variety of trailer sizes and styles.
  • Reliability
    Flexible fibreglass stays deliver even pressure on the truck body through the head and side curtains.
  • Resistant
    Overlapping wear pleats sewn to the head curtain provide extra resistance against the sharp trailer corners for extended longevity.

Key specifications


Enjoy the immediate benefits of a well-sealed loading dock, built to last, and designed with longevity in mind.


  • High visibility guide stripes
  • Fibreglass water drainage
  • Durable coated fabric in variety of colours weather patterns
  • Increased climate control
  • Forgiving of off-centre parking
  • Head curtain pull rope for greater adjustability
  • Seamless aluminium tubing support
  • Greater safety with flame retardant fabrics


Specialty add-ons can include


  • Metal hoods
  • Custom colours
  • Common side members
  • Special head member
  • Bottom flaps

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Kelley Rigid Dock

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Manufacturing Quality

With over 30 years’ experience in the market, we know how to deliver a product with longevity, with less overall maintenance requirements, and lower temperature loss, resulting in greater energy savings.

Assembled from our Auckland Factory

All our Kelley Rigid Dock Shelter are assembled in our Auckland factory, adapted to the site and requirements of the individual client. With your needs in mind, we have the agility and experience to deliver an exceptional product at a competitive rate with outstanding service.

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