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From measure to manufacture, installation, service and repair – AceDoors are your go to for any thing garage door related.

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Call AceDoors for all of your garage door repair and servicing needs. Our expert technicians will be able to quickly diagnose and repair whatever issue you may have. Being a manufacturer of garage doors we hold in stock a large range of spare parts, and can manufacture replacements too.

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Garage Doors Repairs


Garage doors are large, heavy mechanisms and can be dangerous if operated in a compromised state. So if your door is broken, not operating smoothly, or something just isn’t quite right, please do not try to operate the door. Instead call AceDoors – we are here to help!

Garage Door Servicing


Garage doors, much like all large mechanical devices with many moving parts, require regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure they continue to operate smoothly & reliably to keep your garage safe and secure. Regular servicing is also usually a requirement for garage door manufacturer’s warranties, including our own. AceDoors offer full servicing & preventative maintenance for all garage doors.

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