DuraGrille – For light, sight, sound and security

A curtain of armour, the DuraGrille is the ideal roller door for commercial and industrial applications, where safety doesn’t compromise sunlight.



Roll out exceptional security without compromising on light and sight. Our anodised aluminium DuraGrille ensures maximum ventilation and visibility without undermining safety. 

A New Zealand manufactured armoured mesh curtain protecting your assets or those of your clients.

Key Features

Where security meets usability, delivering safety and ventilation for local conditions.



Maintain positive airflow within compromised spaces such as car parking facilities, machine storage, underground access, and compressor sheds.



Security without losing precious sunlight and sight. Maintain natural lighting in public spaces like shopping centres and retail spaces.



Retailers of high-value or desirable goods benefit from the added security of armour of strong and hardwearing design over existing shop fronts.

Key Specifications

DuraGrille armoured roller curtains provide peace of mind.


  • 19mm tubing with 75mm connecting links creates a stretcher bond pattern made up of silver anodised aluminium components.
  • Sleek, smooth and quiet design
  • engineered steel barrel system and aluminium guide system to suit your opening, either jamb fixed or recessed.
  • Designed to be grease-free, mohair strips are utilised on the channel interior.
  • An aluminium extruded bottom rail adds extra strength and security, with a rubber seal for soft closing.

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Product Information


The DuraGrille screen is constructed from 19mm aluminium tubes connected with aluminium joiners and are fabricated into a simple stretcher bond brickwork style. Nylon end caps are fitted to protect the ends of the tube. An aluminium extruded bottom rail is attached for extra strength and security, with a rubber seal for soft closing.


The AceDoors DuraGrille uses the same barrel as a roller shutter door so that no strength or safety is sacrificed. The engineered steel barrels are springs assisted to ensure easy and safe manual or motorised operation. High cycle barrel option available.


The AceDoors DuraGrille guides are a strong aluminium c-section, designed to be greaseless instead utilising mohair strips on the insides of the channel. This, in combination with the ‘bell mouth’ opening at the top of the guide ensures a smooth & quiet operation.

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Operating System to Suit

DuraGrille offers the choice of three operating systems to suit your site:


A spring balanced roller door opened and closed by hand. Ideal for openings up to 2.5m in height, with a standard double-sided lock for internal and external security access.

Hand chain

A manually operated hand chain opening, convenient for small to medium, low-cycle DuraGrille, with a double-sided lock for internal and external security access.


Fitted with a standard electric motor available in either single or 3 phase operated by push button controller with emergency hand chain, perfect for secure car parking and underground storage.

Upgrade Options Available

Specialty add-ons can include:

  • Grifco motor range
  • External key switch
  • Safety beams
  • High-cycle motor option
  • External keypad

Manufactured from our Christchurch Factory

All our AceDoors DuraGrille doors are manufactured in our Christchurch factory, adapted to the site and requirements of the individual client. With your needs in mind, we have the agility and experience to deliver an exceptional product at a competitive rate with outstanding service.

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