AceDoors strip curtains are an economical solution to protect people and goods from adverse environmental conditions.

Our strip curtains have been manufactured to the strictest European Standards custom made to suit each application, from chiller and coolroom openings to large openings with forklift traffic.

Our supplier, ExtruFlex, is an international flexible vinyl manufacturer with a history of more than 50 years through independant R&D, using imported raw materials, advanced compounding formula and extrusion techniques. As such, the products are famous for being high quality, multifunctional and environmentally friendly.

Potential Uses Include:

  • Traffic suitablability: pedestrians to trucks
  • Unlimited in size
  • 100mm, 200mm, & 300mm wide strip is stocked
  • Mounting requirements: curtains require a structurial door-head to fix to
  • Two types available: Either smooth strips for pedestrian traffic or ribbed for material handling usage and durability

Non-PHTHALATEVinyl is rigid by nature, plasticizers are essential to make it flexible. Phthalate Plasticizers currently used in the market tend to be low cost and may have harmful risks and effects to health and environment.

It is because of this, and consumers growing concerns about unsafe pthalate plasticizers, that ExtruFlex produces all our Flexible Vinyl using safe Non-phthalate plasticizer.

The non-phthalate plasticizer selected by our supplier is compliant with the highest safety standards and food regulations in the world (REACH, RoHS, Toys Regulation, Euorpean Food Contact Regulation, FDA, California Prop 65)

  • Free from harmful DOP plasticisers and silicone
  • Food contact grade strip available in medium temperature 100mm, 200mm, 300mm ribbed and flat
  • Ambient or freezer temperatures grades available – this includes either low temperatures from 0 degrees (C) to -25 degrees (C), or normal temp for +1 degrees (C) – +50 degrees (C). Normal temperature grade curtains contain a high level of ultra-violet block.
  • Ribbed or flat profiles available
  • Can be supplied in cut lengths or 50m rolls for replacement strips
  • Head or face fixed header rails available in plastic, stainless steel or aluminium & sliding tracks (face fixed)
  • Available in clear (blue chiller, green freezer) clear food contact, yellow repel insect, red, blue and black suitable for marking door limits or adding features

Optional Extras

  • Dust cover and end caps

Product Applications include:

  • Shop floor fly screens
  • Self help chiller cab screens
  • Draught control
  • Exit screens for insect control
  • Bird & weather control