DuraShutter – An all-season blend
of strength and style.

New Zealand’s first fully tested and certified roller shutter door meet and exceed the wind load requirements of AS/NZS4505:2012.


A raging southerly making rapid landfall off the Cook Strait is no match for the DuraShutter, New Zealand’s first wind rated roller shutter door.


Fully tested and certified, and up to date with current building code legislation, meeting the  requirements of AS/NZS4505:2012, the DuraShutter is the obvious choice when selecting a roller door for building in exposed locations.


Believed to be the strongest guide system available, winds of up to 200kph could be howling outside, yet the DuraShutter remains uncompromising.


Manufactured in New Zealand, your insurer will appreciate the added security and durability of the DuraShutter, and staff will enjoy the added safety.

Key Features


Exposed locations are blown away by the strength of the DuraShutter. Heavy duty and hard-wearing, DuraShutter is built to last – expanding on the quality base elements of other AceDoor shutters, enhanced by a strengthened guide system suitable for the most uncompromising locations.


  • Featuring 2.5mm roll formed steel guide with 8mm steel over clamp and 3mm underclip
  • Cast wind locks 
  • Spring-assisted engineered barrel system
  • 0.75mm steel interlocking slat
  • Standard galvanised or powder coat finishing options from the Dulux Duralloy range 
  • Motorised options, complete with emergency hand chain and extensive accessories 
  • Manual hand chain operation alternative available  
  • Standard 6000mmh x 8000mmw openings are available, with the ability to tailor to your space on request.

Key specifications


Tailored to your site and the seasons, the DuraShutter is compact, space efficient and durable throughout the toughest weather conditions.


  • Available in five categories to match the five wind zones
  • Fully tested and certified roller shutter 
  • Forces are calculated and interpolated from a series of tests completed in our purpose-built booth, then verified by an independent engineer
  • Physically tested to meet the durability and wind loading criteria of AS/NZS405:2012 in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS1170.2
  • Wind load information (in-plane and out-of-plane forces) is available 
  • Made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

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UTM Parameters

Tech Specs

Acceptable Manufacturer

Roller Shutter doors shall be DuraShutters as supplied by AceDoors Systems 2013 Ltd.


A. Operation Type: Roller Shutter doors shall be operated (select from list below):
1. Motor – single or three phase as normally provided by means of an electric operator.
2. Hand Chain – as optionally provided.

B. Mounting: Roller Shutter door shall be;
1. Face Mount – as normally provided and fastened to the face of the wall opening.

C. Drive Orientation: For hand chain, or motor operated service doors, the drive shall be oriented (select from list below):
1. Left Hand – as normally provided from the left-hand side, when facing the reference side of the door.
2. Right Hand – as optionally provided from the right-hand side, when facing the reference side of the door.


A. Guides: Guides shall be DuraShutter steel guides. Guides shall consist of heavy duty steel. Wind lock and Over-Clip vertical spacings are determined by door category required.

B. Guide system: Patent pending.

Wicket Gate

A. Wicket Gates – not currently available with DuraShutter.


A. Material: The curtain shall consist of interlocking steel slats roll formed from commercial quality galvanized steel. Steel shall be 0.75mm nominal thickness.

B. Slat Type: The curtain slat configuration shall consist of:
1. Solid Slat – as normally provided, suitable for all door sizes.

C. Finish/Colour: The curtain shall be finished in (select from list below):
1. Galvanized Steel.
2. Duralloy Powdercoat – as optionally provided from a selection of standard colours (please specify colour).

D. Bottom Bar and Seal: Bottom bar shall be from specially extruded heavy duty aluminium section which interlocks with bottom slat. A neoprene weather strip shall be fitted to the bottom rail.


A. Maximum clear opening size 6000mm high x 8000mm wide.

Wind Load Ratings

A. Timber Framed Buildings – 5 Door Categories for Building Wind Zones: Low – Extra High (Derived from NZS 3604)

B. Concerete and Steel Framed Structures – 5 Door Categories to meet requirements of wind classification systems as referenced in AS/NZS 1170.2 amd. 4.

C. DuraShutter door system meets wind load requirements of AS/NZS 4505:2012.

Manufacturing Quality

With over 30 years’ experience in the market, we know how to deliver a product with longevity, with less overall maintenance requirements, and lower temperature loss, resulting in greater energy savings.

Manufactured from our Auckland & Christchurch Factories.

All our AceDoor DuraShutter doors are manufactured in our Auckland & Christchurch factories, adapted to the site and requirements of the individual client. With your needs in mind, we have the agility and experience to deliver an exceptional product at a competitive rate with outstanding service.

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UTM Parameters