AB Series Dark Gray


AceDoors continuous curtain steel Roller Doors are a quiet, simple and economic solution for openings in a vast range of environments.



AceDoors A-Series Roller Door for the domestic market delivers a classic corrugated profile complementary to many New Zealand roofing and cladding designs. It is a versatile style for many applications including single car garages, small workshops, farm sheds, and storage facilities.

  • Available in 0.4 BMT Colorsteel®
  • 14mm corrugation depth
  • Available in sizes up to 3m height and 3m width


AceDoors B-Series Roller Door offers a deeper, stronger profile while maintaining a fluid design for slightly larger openings in a residential or light commercial setting. This style is suited for vehicle lock ups, agricultural facilities, workshops and much more.

  • Available in 0.4 BMT Colorsteel®
  • 21mm corrugation depth
  • Available in sizes up to 4m height and 4m width

Roller Door Curtain

AceDoors Roller Door curtains are made from 0.4mm gauge Colorsteel Endura® coil, which is also used for roofing and cladding in New Zealand.

Sprung Axle

All Roller Doors are sprung. This allows easy manual operation and as a safety measure supports the curtain.


An aluminium bottom bar fitted with a rubber weather seal to minimise dirt, leaves or other undesirable matter entering your home provides additional strength to the door.


AceDoors Roller Door guides use Nylofelt for greaseless operation. This keeps operation exceptionally quiet and smooth and allows for much lower levels of maintenance.



Single phase opener, safety reverse feature, simple installation and quiet operation. Includes 2 remotes.


Simple manual operation by D-handle or a hand chain pulley for higher doors. Pulleys on larger doors are geared for easy operation.

Colorsteel Endura® offered by AceDoors Choose from 12 different standard colours for the Roller Door external face (rear is always Grey). Made from New Zealand Steel and coated by Colorsteel® for ultimate performance against the elements, for over 10 years*. While NZ Steel Ltd is our preferred supplier, steel products from other sources may also be used.

*See for more information

  • Reverse rolled door option for external installation
  • Centre lock for full security on manual operation
  • Bird proofing brush option available