Nergeco T Star 2 Fast Acting Door

Rethinking high performance durability, maximising wind resistance performance.

The T Star 2 is an exterior fold up door, designed to withstand harsh New Zealand weather with clever wind redistribution technology.

T Star 2

A contemporary alternative to a traditional rigid steel roller door, the T Star 2 is designed to withstand winds up to 100kph standard with the ability to increase 177kph.


Vertically stacking, suitable for openings up to 6m x 6m, with options to further enhance and customise to your unique application, where speed, reliability, and safety are essential.

Key Features


Self-supporting and resistant to rust or corrosion, the T Star 2 protects your assets from harsh weather with a special soft folding design.


  • Fast acting
    With an average speed of 0.8 metres per second, the prompt functionality of the T Star 2 maintains zone separation while reducing energy consumption.
  • Clean
    Designed to be weather resistant and leakproof, with optional enhanced insulation incorporating a double-layered air blanket to better maintain interior temperature.
  • Reliable
    A step above the traditional drum roller model, should an accidental impact occur causing a stiffener to bend, there is no loss to production as the T Star 2 continues to function.
  • Safe
    The soft bottom edge can be distorted both vertically and horizontally and is sensitive enough to reopen the door at the slightest impact while closing.

Key Specifications


T Star 2 folding curtains offer an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness coupled with impressive functionality.


  • Rapid vertical stacking opening and closure of 0.8m/s
  • Tight sealing to withstand winds of up to 177kph
  • Soft bottom design maintains user safety
  • Guaranteed durability, withstanding tough New Zealand weather patterns
  • Able to be used in interior applications of high air pressure or to insulate for temperature or sound
  • Panoramic anti-fatigue transparent windows are resistant to discolouration, enhancing long term visibility and safety
  • Corrosion resistant with epoxy primer coated steel framing finished in colour

Enquire about the T Star 2

Protect your production against the elements using clever patented vertical folding design. Speak with a specialist today to discuss your individual requirements and specific location needs.

T Star 2

UTM Parameters

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Product Information

Cumbersome and rattling old barrel roller doors are a thing of the past. Fast-acting vertical folding technology delivers sealing and quiet access, with enhanced safety and superior insulation options.

  • Wind resistance
    Flexible horizontal stiffeners push the curtain from the inside to the furthest edge of the side guides, while simultaneously stretching the curtain vertically from top to bottom to evenly distributed pressure across the entire surface resulting in a wind resistance up to class 5.
  • Greater operation
    Fold up technology guarantees correct bar-to-bar folding, coupled with a direct drive motor to deliver a longer lifespan.
  • Wide-angle visibility
    Panoramic transparent panels increase safety, using hardwearing anti-fatigue materials for greater long-lasting visibility.

Tech Specs


6000 mmW x 6000mm H


Up to 0.8m/s opening and closing for a standard door.

Actual speed depends on curtain size/dimensions.


670 g/m² PVC. Stiffeners every 620 mm

Optional: insulated double skin curtain (U = 4.08 W/m².K)


Self-Supporting Steel Structure in 3 mm thick structural multifold steel shape, treated with a PP primer and a PU coloured finish.


Three-phase motor from 1.1 to 3.0 kW (depending on size and selected options)
Protected under a PUR cover, access from the side


Control box up to 2m from door. Options available to be further away.

Electronic Nergeco PCB control panel as standard.

Optional Crouzet PLC

Polyester IP65 rounded Nergeco control box (option to mount to the side guide) or IP66 500mm x 400mm, depending on configuration.

Optional box 500mm x 400mm in steel IP66 or stainless steel IP67.


Intelligent Curtain® with spiral cable (wireless optional) and 1 set of IP67 safety beams at 280 mmH


In the event of a power failure.


  • Ratchet


  • Crank Handle
  • Manual Counter-Balance
  • Automatic Counter-Balance with Inverter & UPS
  • Wireless push button
  • Pull cord (wireless or bracket mounted)
  • Magic switch
  • Radar
  • Remote transmitter
  • Ground loop
  • Detection photocells


  • 400V three-phase – 50 Hz – differential circuit breaker 300 mA


  • 230V three-phase – 50Hz
  • 230V single-phase – 50 Hz (with frequency drive)
  • 440V three-phase / 60 HZ
CURTAIN COLOURS (similar to - colour sample on demand)
  • YELLOW RAL 1021
  • ORANGE RAL 2008
  • RED RAL 3002
  • DARK BLUE RAL 5010
  • DUST GREY RAL 7037
  • BROWN RAL 8017
  • WHITE RAL 9010
  • BEIGE RAL 1014

Option: Panoramic transparent windows: 1 row / 2 rows / fully transparent

  • YELLOW RAL 1021
  • ORANGE RAL 2008
  • RED RAL 3002
  • DARK BLUE RAL 5010
  • DUST GREY RAL 7037
  • BROWN RAL 8017
  • WHITE RAL 9010
  • BEIGE RAL 1014

Wind resistance up to class 5 (depending on dimensions)

Door head height, H+ in mm.
H 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4500 5000 5500 6000
W up to 2000 810 860 910 960 1010 1110 1160 1210 1260 1310
W up to 2500 810 860 910 960 1010 1110 1160 1120 1510 1560
W up to 4000 810 860 910 960 1010 1110 1410 1460 1510 1560
W up to 6000 1060 1110 1160 1210 1.260 1.360 1.410 1.460 1.510 1.560
Width of uprights with a standard ratchet or optional crank handle.
M1 & M2 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
Width of uprights with optional manual or automatic counter-balance system.
M1 (motor side) 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
M2 (counter-weight side) 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350 350

Manufacturing Quality

AceDoors partnered with Nergeco 30 years ago who have 35 years of skillful experience and success with the high-performance doors adapted to each trade, each process, and each building in more than 90 countries worldwide.

Manufactured in France

All our T Star 2 doors are made and manufactured in France and are supplied and managed by AceDoors NZ. With your needs in mind, we have the agility and experience to deliver an exceptional product at a competitive rate with outstanding service.

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UTM Parameters