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Kelley are the world’s leaders in loading dock solutions. AceDoors have two of their best products available for your dock requirements.

Air-Powered Dock Levelers
Air-Powered Dock Levelers
Vertical Dock Levelers
Vertical Dock Levelers

What is a dock leveler?

Dock levelers bridge the gap and height difference between the dock and the trailer. They also compensate for the up and down float of the trailer bed during loading. A dock leveler includes a ramp (hinged along its rear edge) and a lip (hinged at the front of the ramp).


When not in use, the dock leveler is stored in its neutral position, flush with the loading platform floor. To use a dock leveler, the operator raises the ramp and the lip swings out. With the lip extended, the operator lowers the ramp until the lip rests on the truck.

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Kelley Dock Leveler

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Air-Powered Dock Levelers

Kelley revolutionized the industry in 1994, introducing air bag lifting technology to the loading dock with their aFX air-powered dock leveler. Kelley now offers three models of innovative air-powered dock levelers that are simple, durable and contain minimal moving parts. This means a clean operation for your facility.

The Kelley aFX® Series dock levelers—including the aFX, the original Kelley air-powered dock leveler— take the loading dock to the next level of performance with a proprietary airDefense®.

Keeping you and your team safe

Technology leg design to prevent stump-out.  aFX-S excels at preventing accidental forklift runoff due to its constant structural steel barrier.  And the aFX-C offers entry-level air-powered dock leveler performance while being the most economical solution.

When your warehouse needs safe, powered performance at an affordable price, the air-powered dock levelers in the Kelley aFX Series are your best choice.

Durability & Maintenance

They can take a bloody beating – find something suitable to go in here. They’re super strong, low maintenance, and durable. Repairs & maintenance

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Vertical Dock Levelers

Maintaining a clean, efficient warehouse environment is critical for a growing number of companies operating climate-controlled facilities. Kelley Vertical Dock Levelers — Vertical Storing Dock Leveler and HRL Hydraulic Rail Leveler—directly contribute to environmental efficiency, security and cleanliness.  That allows you to take control of your warehouse.

The flexibility you need for your business

Vertical dock levelers can be utilized with a dock configuration that allows the trailer doors to swing open into the building after the trailer is docked, which offers facilities the ability to save money through lower energy bills, better loss prevention and increased productivity.

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