Insulated Traffic Door



For a tough door system that is built to last in even the harshest environments, try our range of insulated traffic doors.

They require minimal maintenance and are engineered to the very highest quality standards.

Their insulation properties make them suitable for many temperature-sensitive environments, including walk-in coolers, supermarkets, and public hospitals.


When you choose from our versatile range of insulated traffic doors, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Thanks to their aesthetic appeal and rugged construction, our insulated traffic doors are ideally situated for both retail and industrial facilities.


  • Manufactured from high-grade PVC and ABS plastics, they are as robust and flexible as can possibly be achieved by modern production techniques
  • An overall thickness of 44mm provides a rigidity that surpasses many other types of doors recommended for similar use
  • The semi-rigid rubber sealing system ensures that drafts and energy loss are kept to a minimum
  • Every one of our insulated traffic doors is supplied with either sprung impact bumpers or flat impact panels to protect against motorised and hand-operated traffic
  • The outer panels are supplied in black, light, and dark grey or beige, but other colours can be provided upon request.


When temperature control is critical to your energy costs, insulated traffic doors will help to keep the temperature constant and expenses low.