Kelley Vehicle Restraints

Safer trailer loading & unloading

Keeping your loads secure while bringing you design simplicity, the fewest moving parts, minimal maintenance and ease of operation.

Kelley Vehicle Restraints


Uninterrupted productivity is possible with a rigid frame dock shelter, offering site access to a wide variety of door and trailer sizes and full-width access to the back of the trailer for continuous workflow.

Key Features


Loading dock accidents can inflict serious consequences to people and profit, yet in many cases, mishaps can be mitigated with proper safeguards.


  • Simple
    Clear communication with internal and external red and green LED lighting.
  • Adaptable
    Easy integration with nearly all styles of rear impact guards and dock levelers.
  • Durable
    Restraining Arm is made of cast ductile iron with an impressive 45,000 PSI yield strength.

Key specifications


Make safety a priority while supporting high traffic volumes. Welcome a variety of docking vehicles without compromising your people and property.


  • Exclusive sensor bar
  • Minimal upkeep
  • Low profile
  • Cost effective
  • Works with nearly all styles of rear impact guards and dock levelers
  • Universal communication lighting
  • Simple manual operation


Specialty add-ons can include


  • Alarm if restraining arm fails to make contact with push button reset
  • Stand Off for edge-of-dock levelers or bumpers exceeding 4″

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Kelley Vehicle Restraints

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Manufacturing Quality

With over 30 years’ experience in the market, we know how to deliver a product with longevity, with less overall maintenance requirements, and lower temperature loss, resulting in greater energy savings.

Assembled from our Auckland Factory

All our Kelley Rigid Dock Shelter are assembled in our Auckland factory, adapted to the site and requirements of the individual client. With your needs in mind, we have the agility and experience to deliver an exceptional product at a competitive rate with outstanding service.

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