Product Info

R Labo 5 Fast Acting Flexible Fabric Door designed for Clean Processes – with High Sealing and Multicomposite Construction Technology

The R Labo 5 fast acting productivity door has a frame made of multi composite material that provides advantages over traditional stainless steel door frames for doors in clean processing environments. The Nergeco multicomposite material is fully washable and will never rust or need painting and meets sanitary requirements for clean room processes.

The R Labo 5 has an average speed of 1 m/s depending on curtain dimensions which helps to maintain the temperature of each area, reducing energy consumption and the migration of airborne contaminants. The R Labo 5 includes Nergeco’s patented reinsertion system. If accidental impact should occur, the door curtain will automatically reinsert itself without operator intervention.

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Product Features

  • Assembled in NZ by AceDoors. All components are ex-stock.
  • High speed roll up fabric door, for clear openings up to 4.0m high by 4.0m wide
  • Flexible vertical roll up curtain, reinforced sealed welds
  • Self supporting multi composite frame is more corrosion and impact resistant than Type 316 stainless steel
  • The composite materials are FDA and Canadian-Agri approved for direct food contact
  • Flexible, patented soft bottom edge with superior sealing
  • Average door speed is 1 m/s allowing unimpeded traffic flow
  • Fully Automatic Reinsertion system uses no springs, counterweights or cables.The curtain releases from the frame upon accidental impact and reinserts during the next opening cycle
  • Fully washable with no enclosed areas to trap debris or moisture, all covers included as standard
  • The door is factory pre wired and the standard, PLC controlled, IP55 control box are CE approved
  • Standard door resistant to 10Pa. Optional Pressure Sealing Kits available to limit the leakage rate for a controlled room environment up to 40 Pa.