Product Info

T Star 2 Productivity external opening door

The T Star 2 fast acting productivity door has a self supporting, corrosion resistant steel frame. Designed for use in exterior areas where wind ratings up to 177kph are required and as an alternative to traditional rigid steel rolling doors. These unique doors are also used in interior applications where high air pressure exists or insulation for temperature or sound is required.

The T Star 2 has an average speed of 0.8 m/s depending on curtain dimensions which helps maintain seperation of areas and reduces energy consumption. The unique vertical folding design uses straps to pull the curtain from the floor up without rolling it around a drum. This leaves only soft, flexible curtain folds and the standard soft bottom edge technology exposed to impacts rather than rigid bottom bars like other high speed doors.

Product Features

  • Fast acting vertical stacking fabric door, for clear openings up to 6m x 6m.
  • Flexible vertical stacking curtain, reinforced sealed welds
  • Insulated curtains are available
  • Self supporting, corrosion resistant, epoxy coated steel frame is standard
  • Optional stainless steel frames are available – call for information
  • Flexible, patented soft bottom edge technology with superior sealing
  • Average door speed is 1.0m per second allowing unimpeded traffic flow Change to: 0.8 m/s
  • Patented vertical fold up design leaves no stiffeners at the bottom of the curtain throughout the opening and closing cycle
  • Standard wind rating of 100kph, optional ratings to 177kph. For higher wind ratings please contact us
  • Head cover is standard. Complete airtight top header where curtain is fixed and standard drive unit cover
  • The door is factory pre-wired and the standard, PLC controlled, IP65 control panel is EC approved
  • The door is available as standard approved to the latest EC regulations for doors which is the safest standard available for doors worldwide: EN 13.241-1
  • Optional side guide sealing kit for improved sealing on external windy exposures