Product Info

Kelley TS Series Rigid Frame Dock Shelter

The TS Series Rigid Frame Shelter is designed to accommodate a wide variety of door and trailer sizes while providing full-width access to the back of the trailer.

Product Features

  • Head frame covered with translucent fiberglass with 2″ side-to-side rake for water drainage.
  • Overlapping wear pleats sewn to the head curtain provide extra resistance against the sharp corners of the trailer, extending the life of the shelter.
  • Roll-formed Tufsteel™ galvanized steel framing (5-year warranty).
  • Flexible fiberglass stays ensure that the head and side curtain pressure is maintained on the truck body.
  • High-visibility guide stripes assist drivers with proper positioning of trailer.
  • Steel supports protect frame from off-center trailers.


  • Common Side Members
  • Single side frame shared by adjacent units.
  • Special Head Member
  • For attaching top front side frames to underside of building overhang or canopy.
  • 1 1/4″ square tube used in place of standard head frame.
  • Accessories
  • Metal Hoods
    • Provides maximum overhead protection.
    • 16-gauge galvanized steel with 2″ gutter.
    • Available in 18″, 24″ and 36″ projections.
  • Bottom Pads
    • Seals gap between building foundation and trailer floor.
    • Made of fabric-covered foam pad with wood backing.