Product Info

CoolClad Coolroom Doors

Made to last

The CoolClad door meets the heavy demands of the food industry. Engineered by AceDoors. The CoolClad sets a new standard for insulated doors in New Zealand. Robust and efficient, new generation CoolClad doors are easy to operate and will deliver years of reliable, energy efficient service.

  • Tough design
  • Superior insulation
  • Latest technology
  • Aluminum frame
  • Clean, smooth appearance
  • Standard or custom sizes

Standard sizes or custom build

CoolClad doors come in standard sizes and able to be custom made to suit opening sizes up to:

  • Single Hinged 2300mm high x 1100mm wide
  • Double Hinged chiller Only 2200mm high x 2070mm wide

Classic Design

While the external design follows traditional lines, internally the CoolClad door represents the latest in injection polyurethane technology for superior insulation performance and longevity.

Product Features

  • Door Thickness
  • Exterior Cladding
    Colorsteel with powder coated aluminum channels.
  • Insulation Material
    Injected polyurethane, PUR
  • Frame
    2mm aluminum powder coated profile with hidden fixing bolts.
  • Heating Capacity
    Freezer doors are supplied with heating cables in the frame and can be added to the leaf.
  • Gaskets
    Silicone rubber gaskets that meet food industry hygiene and safety requirements. Gaskets are fitted directly into the door leaf and can be easily replaced without tools.
  • Hinges
    Rise and fall hinges with three way adjustment for gasket alignment.
    Other options also available.
  • Handle
    Fermond lockset made from composite material with invisible and tamperproof screws. Other options also available.
  • Emergency Opening
    Emergency opening device inside a plastic dome with a flourescent exit marker.