Product Info

FireSlide – Sliding Fire Doors

Typically used in warehouses and factories, the doors can be manufactured with facings of 1.0mm steel sheet or 4mm fire retardant plywood. The FireSlide is rated for up to 4 hours integrity and 120 minutes insulation (-/240/120) into Concrete or Masonry walls.

Maximum Height is 5.0m. Maximum door leaf area cannot exceed 30 sq m.

Products Features

The FireSlide automatic fail‐safe sliding fire doors will close when activated by a fusible link or fire signal.
The FireSlide sliding fire doors are tested and approved to in accordance with Australian Standard 1530, Part 4, 1990 and British Standard 476, Part 22, 1987.

  • Facings from steel sheet or fire retardant plywood
  • Steel channels fitted to the perimeter to protect the door edges
  • Available with single sliding leaf or biparting leaves
  • Opened manually
  • Close automatically by fusible link or from fire alarm signal using a failsafe counterweight and pulley system
  • Door leaf overlaps the top and sides of the opening by 75mm
    10mm clearance between the door leaf and floor