Every business deserves the best protection – especially when it comes to keeping its people and customers safe and secure. So, when the construction company behind one of Papua New Guinea’s newest shopping complexes sought robust, weather tight, and secure  roller shutter doors for their commercial project – they looked further afield and found AceDoors’ DuraShutter – New Zealand’s first fully AS/NZS 4505:2012 compliant door.

DuraShutter meets the demands of those seeking a secure, durable and visually appealing roller shutter. It’s able to withstand both high pressure wind systems and protect precious businesses from potential break-ins and volatility – issues the complex, shop owners and patrons are at risk of.

Traditionally, commercial roller shutters are not used in retail applications, however the DuraShutter provides both strength and visual appeal on a grand scale, all packaged with smart installation.

“The construction company were looking for both secure construction and design, and DuraShutter has both,” says Annette Potts, Director of AceDoors. “They didn’t have to make any compromises because DuraShutter is unobtrusive  and its smart installation features provide an additional level of security.”

The all-inclusive workmanship and quality of DuraShutter doors means they can be trusted to protect the complex after hours, adds Annette.  “This gives greater peace-of-mind to retailers whose success and livelihood is dependent on the daily operations of their businesses.”

“As New Zealand’s first fully compliant door, the DuraShutter meets and exceeds wind load requirements of AS/NZS 4505:2012 at the highest level, and requirements AS/NZS 1170.2 amd 4,” explains Annette.

“It’s the first roller shutter door to withstand load pressures equivalent to wind speeds of up to 240 kph – making it the ideal protector against heavy weather conditions or when faced with rioting and break in action.”

And, because every DuraShutter roller shutter door is custom-made, there was no issue with the construction of the two large doors which extend over six metres in length and reach heights over three metres.

As AceDoors first overseas DuraShutter client, being able to support developers with such an important component of their central Papua New Guinea complex, has further strengthened their position as a reliable and trusted door solutions provider on the global stage.

“It is a privilege to be able to provide a suitable roller shutter door solution for such an important project,” says Annette. “And, to know that our DuraShutter can serve communities and businesses the world over – giving that high level of security and durability where other doors fall short.”


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