The DuraShutter, AceDoors highest specification roller shutter door has been torture tested to the most stringent of tests. When tested, the DuraShutter met and exceeded the requirements of AS/NZS 4505:2012 at the highest level.

It also meets the updated requirements of AS/NZS 1170.2 amd. 4. Why is that such good news? Because cyclones are on the up and up. In 2018, three of them hit New Zealand, with Hola producing wind gusts up to 213 kph.

To be absolutely sure our new roller shutter could really take anything the weather throws at it, we had to test it thoroughly. For us, that meant building our own wind load testing facility, one that would exert the sort of pressures associated with cyclones like Hola.

We built the facility, then it was time to torture-test our new roller shutter. The shutter was battered with wind load pressures equivalent to wind speeds up to 240 kph, in tests that replicated the extreme pressures that storms put on roller shutter doors in commercial and industrial buildings.

All wind load test results were certified by an independent Chartered Engineer.

The DuraShutter is the first New Zealand roller shutter specifically designed to take the wind loads experienced in these mega storms. Available in widths up to 8m, with larger widths by request, DuraShutter will be sure to meet and exceed all of your own building requirements.



  • Wind Load Ratings for Timber Framed Buildings – 5 Door Categories for Building Wind Zones: Low – Extra High (Derived from NZS 3604).
  • Wind Load Ratings for Concrete and Steel Framed Structures – 5 Door Categories to meet requirements of wind classification systems as referenced in AS/NZS 1170.2 amd 4.
  • DuraShutter door system meets wind load requirements of AS/NZS 4505:2012.
  • All wind load test results certified by an independent Chartered Engineer.
  • Max daylight opening sizes: Standard up to 6.0m high x 8.0m wide. Larger sizes are available.
  • Galvanised steel curtain is made from individually roll formed interlocked 0.75mm slats. Available in galvanised or powder coated finish.
  • Unique guide and wind lock system offer a range of guides to meet specific applications.
  • Available in springless or sprung counterbalanced door barrels.
  • Dual brake motor with auto engage hand chain.
  • Inertia brakes fitted to all springless doors.
  • Manual or automated operation options. External key switch and electric eye safety beams available.
  • Motor options include a 3 or single phase 0.5hp or 1hp motor with emergency manual operation.

How is the DuraShutter different to other roller shutter doors on the market that do not meet the wind load requirements of 4505?
It has been tested and verified to meet the wind load requirements of 4505.


What about roller shutter doors already on the market that have not passed the wind load requirements of 4505?
Before 2013 there was no standard for commercial access doors. It has taken this long
for the industry and building regulations to catch up.


What does durability testing involve?
20,000 cycles of the door in various formats. e.g. size and wind locks vary.


What is the maximum height of DuraShutter available?
Clear opening of 6 metres.


Can you offer doors wider than 8 metres?
Yes, but they would need to be tested at a cost to the customer.


Are silenced guides available as with your HushShutter?
Not as yet, they are still being tested.


When will you be able to offer residential garage doors to the market that meet the wind load requirements of AS/NZS 4505:2012?
Testing of residential Sectional doors and A Series Roller doors is underway with favourable results. We plan on offering a range of wind rated residential & light industrial doors to market within the next 6-12 months.

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The need to provide the market with large access doors capable of withstanding Low, through to Extra High wind loads is not a new subject. Learn more about how the 4505 Standard is helping meet these market requirements:

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