Product Info

Kelley Vehicle Restraint

LOADING DOCK ACCIDENTS CAN HAVE SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES for any company — both in physical injuries and financial obligations. Yet, in many cases, they can be prevented with proper safeguards. Common accidents include:

  • Forklifts driving off the dock because a vehicle leaves before loading or unloading is completed.
  • Vehicles creeping away from the dock as forklifts continually move in and out during loading or unloading, creating a dangerous gap between the vehicle and the dock.
  • Collapse of trailer landing gear due to constant rocking motion of forklifts moving in and out during loading.

Products Features

THE STAR 2 IS AN EXCEPTIONAL VALUE offering manual operation plus Kelley’s exclusive sensor bar and the industry’s most effective communication system:


  • Exclusive sensor bar.
  • Interior & exterior LED red/green communication lights. Simple, manual, non-impact operation.
  • 30,000 lbs. of restraining force.
  • Works with nearly all styles of rear impact guards and  types of dock levelers.
  • Low profile – Stores at 9.5” off grade.
  • Requires low maintenance.
  • Low cost of ownership.


  1. Durable Latch Lever is a simple, easy-to-use mechanism that releases the restraining arm when the system is used and holds the arm securely in place when it is in the stored position.
  2. Rugged Restraining Arm is made of cast ductile iron with a 45,000 PSI yield strength.
  3. Exclusive Sensor Bar automatically senses the actual contact between the throat of the restraint arm and the vehicle’s rear impact guard and communicates status via red/green LED lights.
  4. Reliable Industrial Gas Spring is a heavy-duty, ball-stud-mounted device. It raises the restraining arm to hook the rear impact guard, then “floats” to maintain rear impact guard contact as vehicle height changes.
  5. Solid Mounting Frame is 3/8″ structural steel plate, secured with concrete anchors. An exclusive separate 1/4″ steel shear plate anchors into the dock pit floor.