PVC Strip Curtains

Environmental protection from the elements

Protecting people and products from adverse environmental conditions like dust, wind, birds, and insects.

PVC Strip Curtains

Economical and effective, PVC strip curtains are custom fitted to any opening size, using high quality and environmentally friendly ingredients to provide the highest safety and food-grade finish.

Key Features


PVC strip curtains are ideal in all traffic conditions from pedestrians to trucks and are unlimited in size.


  • Customisable – Available in three strip width sizes, strip curtains can be installed on any structural door head.
  • Finish Options – Choose a smooth finish for pedestrians or ribbed for material handling and durability.
  • Grade Variety – Select food grade, cool or ambient temperatures with a specialist ultraviolet block.

Key Specifications


Colour coding provides additional safety, where zones are clearly indicated.


  • Clear for food contact
  • Blue for chiller
  • Green for freezer
  • Yellow for insect repelling
  • Red for welding screens
  • Blue and black suitable to mark door limits or added design feature

Specialty add-ons can include:

  • Dust cover
  • End caps

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PVC Strip Curtains

UTM Parameters



Vinyl is rigid by nature, plasticizers are are essential to make it flexible. Phthalate Plasticizers currently used in the market tend to be low cost and may have harmful risks and effects to health and environment.


It is because of this, and consumeners growing concerns about unsafe phthalate plasticizers, that ExtruFlex produces all our Flexible Vinyl using safe Non-phthalate plasticizer.


The non-phthalate plasticizer selected by our supplier is compliant with the highest safety standards and food regulations in the world (REACH, RoHS, Toys Regulation, European Food Contact Regulation, FDA, California Prop 65)

Food Grade


AceDoor’s PVC Strip Curtains are made from food contact PVC, complying wiht the tough European regulation standards (1375/2004/CE and EU-10/2011). PVC strip curtains are perferct for applications where temperature control, dust exclusion and sound insulation are important between different areas, without impeding access.


Our PVC Strip Curtains are suitable for food production plants, refrigerated trucks, cold storage, supermarkets, takeaways, fruit & vege stores, as well as cafes.

Manufacturing Quality

With over 30 years of experience in the market, we at AceDoors know how to deliver a product with longevity and fewer overall maintenance requirements – saving you money in the long term.

Manufactured from our Auckland Factory

Our PVC Strip Curtains are manufactured by our imported, non-phthalate PVC from our Auckland factory, and are adapted to the site and requirements of the individual client. With your needs in mind, we have the agility and experience to deliver an exceptional product at a competitive rate with outstanding service.

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UTM Parameters