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RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™ Heavy Duty Industrial Roller Shutter Doors

Since its launch in May 2011, hundreds of AceDoor’s innovative RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™ have been installed. Many of our clients are enjoying the benefits that the silenced guide brings. In keeping with the AceDoor’s philosophy of continuous improvement, we have developed the RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™. With new brush-free silenced guide design and upgraded motorising, the RollerShutter / HushShutter 2 carries the success of the original RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™ to a new level.

The RollerShutter / HushShutter 2 offers:

  • upgraded motor specifications for improved performance and operating speed;
  • heavier duty grey PVC guide runners for longer life.

The RollerShutter / HushShutter 2’s™ innovative guide design incorporates plastic runners minimising metal-to-metal contact. This reduces the noise normally associated with roller shutters and provides a quiet operation, an attractive looking door and good sealing.

RollerShutter / HushShutter 2’s™ guides do not require greasing which is perfect for food related applications and dusty environments. One of NZ’s largest fertiliser companies have chosen the RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™ as fertiliser was binding in the existing roller shutter guide grease.

Product Features

RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™ are driven by a heavy duty chain drive motor design to operate a springless door barrel.

  • Integral double row disk brake safety system
  • Built-in hand chain pulley system in case of power failure
  • A fuse prevents the unit from being short circuited or extreme current fluctuation
  • Built in thermal auto cut-off switch
  • The motor and control stations are installation friendly with plug in wiring connectors
  • Broken chain safety sprocket
  • Side guides from 2mm galvanized steel, grey plastic runners fitted for quiet travel, eliminates metal to metal contact, greasing and slat wear

Solid steel barrel with the inner round connecting plates welded in place, prevents fatigue fractures and rivet breakages.

Adjustable fixing brackets which can be height adjusted to suit the individual building situatio.

Case Studies

See Our RollerShutter / HushShutter 2™ Case Studies:
Ballance Agri-Nutrients
Toll Global Forwarding
Inner City Carpark
For the RollerShutter / HushShutter 2 installation manual including important safety information, please click here.

View the features and benefits of the RollerShutter / HushShutter 2 in the video below:



Auto logic controllers can be provided when required to provide the following:

  • Safety beams
  • Adjustable timers for self-closing
  • Activation via security and building management system inputs
  • Remote control activation
  • A weather-proof flexible bottom gasket which protects against rain and dirt