Product Info

STAR 5 Trekking Productivity doors – external openings – High performance frame material – NEW!

The Star 5 Trekking high speed productivity door has a self supporting, non-corroding, fully washable multi-composite frame. Designed for use in high use interior applications and exterior areas where wind ratings up to 155kph are required. These unique doors are also used in interior applications where high air pressure exists or insulation for temperature or sound is required.

The Star 5 Trekking has an opening and closing speed of 1.0m per second which helps maintain seperation of areas and reduces energy consumption. The new unique vertical folding design uses straps to pull the curtain from the floor up without rolling it around a drum. This leaves only soft, flexible curtain folds exposed to impacts rather than rigid bottom bars like other high speed doors. In addition, the optional Reactive® bottom edge will reverse the door if impacted from any direction. Most other high speed doors will react only if hit from directly below, and and rigid bottom bars are required to hold the safety edge.

Product Features

  • Frame design allows smaller profile track for a folding door
  • Sizes up to 4.0m wide x 4.5m high
  • High wind resistance (Class 5, up to 155 kph at 4.0w x 4.5 h)
  • Multicomposite Frame will not corrode and is washable
  • Safe soft bottom edge. Optional Reactive® bottom edge will reverse the curtain upon impact from any direction.
  • Unique folding curtain design protects the wear areas.