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AlumaView™ 50mm Track/Angle-Mounted Normal Headroom


Coolclad All Drawings

Coolclad Low Temp Wiper Gasket

Coolclad Hinged Door Specification.

Coolroom Sliding Door Specification


Dock Leveller 6″ x 8″

Dock Leveller 7″ x 10″

DockLeveler Quick Specs

Double 50mm Process Door With Centre Rebate (PDF)

Duradoor Frame Cross Section

Duradoor Head Cross Section

Duradoor Specification

Durasteel Specification


FireCoil™ Interior Face Mount Manual Operation

Fire Curtains 1 Hour Test Certification

FireCoil™ Spec Sheet

Fireroll Fire and Smoke Curtain Specification

FireRoll Single Barrell Curtain (PDF)

FireRoll™ 200 x 200 Headbox

FireRoll™ 200 x 400 Headbox

FireRoll™ Double Barrell Curtain

FireSlide Sliding Fire Door Specification

Freezer Sliding Door Specification


HushShutter2™ Specification

HushShutter2 Assembly

HushShutter2 Clearances

HushShutter2 Drive Side Projection

HushShutter2 Drive Side Projection

HushShutter2 Floor Rebate

Hushshutter2 Standard Bolt Layout

Hygiene™ PVC Swing Door


Insulated Sliding End View (PDF)

Insulated Sliding General Layout (PDF)

Insulated Sliding Low Temp

Insulated Sliding Med Temp

Freezer Sliding Door Specification

Coolroom Sliding Door Specification


Process Sliding Door

Process Sliding Door Specification

Personnel Door Specification

Process Door Specification

PVC Double Swing Door

PVC Strip Curtain Head Mounted

PVC Strip Curtain Head Rail

PVC Strip Curtain Sliding Track

PVC Strip Curtain Wall Mounted

PVC Swing Door

PVC Swing Door 3

Double 50mm Process Door With Centre Rebate

50mm Double Process Door without Centre Rebate

50mm Pocess Door with Vison Panel Concrete Nib

50mm Process Door with Vision Panel

Standard Grade PVC Technical Information


Speedshutter Specification

Nergeco Star 2 Trekking (PDF)


ThermaSeal Sectional Door Specification

ThermaSeal™ 50mm Track/Angle-Mounted Normal Headroom

ThermaSeal™ 50mm Track/Angle-Mounted Normal Headroom