Product Info

FireRoll™ Fire and Smoke Curtains

Acedoors are sole NZ approved agents for Smoke and Fire Curtains Ltd, a leading manufacturer of fire and smoke curtains based in the UK.

Products Features

The FireRoll automatic fail‐safe system of smoke and fire curtains deploy when activated by a fire signal.

These are also specifically designed to be fail safe, even without any power in the building. The fire and smoke curtains products are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the appropriate BS and BS EN specifications.

  • 1 Hour Automatic Fire Curtains. Our Automatic Fire Curtains have been tested at the Warrington and Chiltern Fire Test Centre’s and are certified to BS 476 Part 22 standard. They provide 60 minutes of continuous fire containment with a standard drop down system and a split drop delay. This means the curtain can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment. Each curtain is suspended on a single roller up to 6 metres wide. Larger areas can be protected by overlapping multiple rollers.
  • 4 Hour Automatic Fire Curtains. 4 Hour Automatic Fire Curtains are certified to BSEN 1634 ‐ 1:2000 after testing at the Warrington and Chiltern Fire Test Centres. They are commonly used in situations where a longer period of protection is required, such as lift shafts. This is a standard drop down curtain with a split drop delay so that it can drop in stages, providing a temporary means of escape and gradual smoke containment. Overlapping curtains are used to protect larger areas ‐ a single curtain can be a maximum of 6 metres long.
  • Automatic Smoke Curtains. Smoke Curtains create a barrier against the spread of smoke and can be either static or automatically deployed when a fire is detected. They are usually installed in commercial properties, such as shopping centres and airports, and are positioned to push smoke to a ventilation system. The smoke curtains are installed without side guides as they are designed to allow smoke to seep around the edges. Large openings can be protected by overlapping a series of curtains. A steel rod at the bottom of the curtains keeps them in place.

Our FireRoll fire curtains were selected by a leading NZ Fire Engineering company for their own office building.