Product Info

ENDURO 5 Trekking – Productivity door for external openings – single or double skin curtain – non corroding frame – NEW TECHNOLOGY!

The Enduro 5 Trekking is the lastest door in the Nergeco range. With an opening and closing speed of 1.0 m/s, this folding door offers high wind resistance (Class 5) using horizontal wind bars running across the full width of the curtain.

The doors are made from materials using the latest multi-composite technology. The multi-composites contain glass and carbon fibres pultruded with a thermosetting resin. The result is a strong yet light frame which, in this application, has properties superior to those of 316L stainless steel.

Product Features

Technical Data:

  • Folding curtain with horizontal windbars for high wind resistance.
  • Multi-composite construction will not corrode, is fully washable and does not need painting.
  • Flexible curtain from 670g/m2 polyester fabric with PVC coating and anti-UV treatment on both sides.
  • Single or double skin curtains available (single skin U= 5.7 W/m2K, double skin U = 2.38 W/m2K).
  • Seals on top and sides of curtain.
  • Safe bottom edge is flexible in both horizontal and vertical directions. Optional “intelligent curtain” sensor option detects slightest deformation and automatically lifts the curtain to clear the obstacle.
  • Safety beam integrated into side frame.
  • Double lifting straps, with a back-up strap that takes over if needed.
  • Nergeco anti-fall device is standard and prevents the curtain falling closed.
  • Direct drive motor is fully enclosed.

Case Study

coolfresh_enduro_5_b4d6384105376f47712e05d211a9746cEnduro 5 Multicomposite doors for Coolfresh Systems
26th July 2012

Dear Jamie,

I’m sending you this letter to say how happy we are with the 3 x Enduro 5 Trekking doors your company installed. As you know this was a very competitive priced job and several high speed door companies and options were looked at. The main reason we shoose the Enduro 5 doors were:-

The multi-composite material used through the door construction meant that we could use the doors outside with the risk of rusting through high humidity and high pressure wash downs.
The extra reinforcement and anti-wear curtain protection injectors that Nergeco install into their curtains to provide a longer curtain life.
Double skin insulated door curtains provided a U value of 2.38 W.
Good peripheral sealing all around the curtain face reducing air leakage areas.
No mechanical welds or painted parts used in the construction of the door providing a total non-corrosive door
Complies with the latest 2005 European Health & Safety regulations
The Enduro 5 door option was more expensive than others but after comparing the extra features they offer, the durable structural design and the extra work they put into the reinforcement of the curtains it’s easy to see they offer an overall lower lifetime unit cost.

I’m extremely pleased with the new Enduro 5 doors and have no hesitation in recommending they are used on future jobs we are involved in.